A rally against rape culture, victim blaming, and slutshaming.

Saturday October 1st, 6 pm, Miller Park

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Promo video for SlutWalk Chattanooga - what rape culture looks like out of context.

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Local film club Mise En Scenesters is kicking off their Frightening Ass Film Festival Saturday night, and they have offered $1 off of admission for SlutWalk participants. They will also be donating a portion of the proceeds to a local sexual assault crisis center.

Partnering with Ballyhoo Motion Pictures, MES will be screening the classic “Dark Night of the Scarecrow,” along with the world premier of making-of documentary “Bubba Didn’t Do It: 30 Years of Dark Night of the Scarecrow,” directed and produced by native filmmaker Daniel Griffith. The movie centers around a mentally disabled man who is wrongfully accused of sexual assault and subsequently murdered, shedding a light on intersections of ableism and sexual assault. Despite the subject matter, it is actually a relatively lighthearted, PG made-for-tv horror flick centered around the common tropes of revenge and post-mortem punishment.

If you want to attend, before or after the event come see me (Aria, with the lavender hair - hard to miss) and I will give you a stamp that will ensure your discounted admission!  Cover is $4 for participants, $5 for everyone else - located in the Collective Clothing Warehouse in St. Elmo, there will be beer and other refreshments for sale.

Whatever you choose to do after SlutWalk, stay safe, have fun, and bring our message with you!


another picture of Sari and I being nerds at Baltimore Slutwalk

(photo by Lindsay V. via Baltimore Slutwalk)

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Spoken word artist Heather Bolton will be performing a brand new piece at SlutWalk Chattanooga. Check out this video of her at Chattanooga Poetry Slam, reading a poem about women’s freedom of sexuality. (Fairly graphic language, NSFW or kids without headphones.)


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Again, in case you missed it - we added a submit feature to the website for the purpose of hearing why you want to walk in SlutWalk. Write about anything that has drawn you to this cause - your personal experiences with rape culture, as far as you are comfortable sharing. You can submit anonymously! You can submit video, text, or a photo!

Please help us make our voices heard! Speak up and speak out against rape culture!

SlutWalk organizer Aria talks about the “Why I Walked” project, our new submission page, and SlutWalk Nashville.


Hi, I’m Aria, and I’ve done most of the online media and organizing for SlutWalk Chattanooga, and I’m making this video to tell you about a project we’re starting called Why I Walked. So my friend, activist and filmmaker Megan and I will be seeking out people who want to tell their stories - why they’re walking and why this issue is so important to them. I think that this is a really important project. Speaking up and speaking out and making our voices heard is what SlutWalk is all about, and we really think it’s going to make an impact on our community when they can have access to all of our stories and can learn more about us on a personal level and see where we’re coming from.

So, obviously we can’t reach all of you - make videos of all of you - but we want to hear all of your voices, so we opened up a submission page on the website. You can go to slutwalkchattanooga.tumblr.com/submit and you can submit a video, a just text post, or a picture with text underneath of it explaining why you want to speak out against rape culture, any personal stories that you want to share, anything you are comfortable with we would love to hear, we would love to post it on the blog.

And SlutWalk Nashville, which is happening October 2nd one day after our SlutWalk, they have a similar project called something like “in our shoes” or something like that [Note: it’s called My Walk, actually] where you take a picture of your shoes and write a small blurb about why you’re walking and submit that to them. Their website is slutwalknashville.org, and they would love your stories as well - and they would love to have you there, if anyone wants to organize a carpool or caravan to SlutWalk Nashville the following day, that would be awesome. I think we can all use as much support as we can get.

So I hope to hear from all of you soon, I’m going to make my video right now. [Note: This was a lie, as my power went out immediately after posting this. It should be up shortly.]

Updated the FAQ. If there is anything you think we should address, send us an message or an e-mail at slutwalkchattanooga@gmail.com.

There is a facebook event! →

RSVP! Invite all your friends! Freak out! Make signs! Post articles, personal stories, testimonies on the page! Have fun with it! This is your march, your rally, your fight!

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